2016 PA AWWA conference presentations

Speaker Biographies

Distribution System TTHM Control Using In-Tank Air Stripping – Daniel Cargnel & David Lewis

How to Keep Your Groundwater Supply Reliable – Karen Benson & Frank Getchell

On-Site Safety During Tank Rehabilitation Project – Nicole Clarke

Innovative Integration of a Source Water Protection Plan – Lori Burkert

Case Study of Water Meter Reading at Westmoreland County Municipal Authority – Sharon Del Signore

Long Pointe WTP Process Evaluation and Design Upgrades for Performance Enhancement – Christopher Walker, Chris Curran & Mark Prouty

Preparing and Negotiating a Maintenance Contract for a Water Storage Tank – Keith Dixon & William Dixon

Optimization of Water Treatment Plant Operations Using Computer Models – Alex Yavich

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) with DI Pipe – Paul Hanson

Cyanobacteria/Cyanotoxins: An Emerging Issue – Stanley States

Antennas & Water Towers: Why or Why Not? – Joseph Hoban

Can UV Achieve Serious Virus Disinfection? – Phyllis Butler Posey

Water Loss Levels in PA Water Utilities: A Summary of Standardized Water Audit Data – George Kunkel

Treatment & Distribution Chloramine Optimization – Douglas Crawshaw & Christopher Evans

Acoustic Monitoring Minimizes Water Loss and Risks of Pipeline Failures – John Marciszewski

Meeting Manganese Removal – Amy Gao & Russell Ford

Finding a Solution for Challenging Manganese and TOC Removal – Russell Ford

Best Practices of Unidirectional Flushing (UDF): Improve Water Quality and Reduce Customer Complaints – Wayne Pratt & Dave Smith (Not Available Yet)

Inside-out or Outside-in? Universal Pilot Plant Evaluates UF Modules with Opposite Flow Paths – Eric Geibel, Michael Bourke & Joseph Kelly (Not Available Yet)

Counting Every Drop; Finding & Understanding Water Loss – Ben Reichley & John Brutz

Ironman Challenge: Challenging Conventional Wisdom in Removing Iron – Sandra Kutzing & Lindsey Olsen

Help! The Sky is Falling! Nope, Just a Cell Antenna – Steven Riley & Christine Gunsaullus

Borough of Hanover – The Case Study of a Phased, Complete System Upgrade – Michael Mehaffey & Trisha Graves

Lehigh County Authority’s Knowledge Process Improvements – Varun Sekar

Using Bench-Scale Testing to Access Inorganics Oxidation on Challenging Waters – Joe Nattress (Not Available Yet)

Lurking in the Background: A Review of the Components of Leakage – Troy Wagoner

Innovative Filter Plant Upgrade Control Solution – Mark Romers & Don Tobocman (Not Available Yet)

Naval Academy Water Conservation – Andrew Hood & Mike Geisler

How to Rehabilitate a Filter in Seven Days – Hollie Scott

Fixed Screen Surface Water Intakes: Trenchless Construction – Henry Hunt (Not Available Yet)

DBP and Distribution System Chlorine Residual Control in Carlisle Borough – Jamie Shambaugh, Michael Mehaffey & Pete Selan

Cybersecurity – What Do I Need to Do? – Dick McDonnell

Turbidity – “A Quantum Leap in Technology” – Randy Turner