Free Water Loss Management Training for Water Utilities – Oct 11, Nov 1, & Nov 15

Dates: October 11th, November 1st, and November 15th, 2023 

Time (for all sessions) : 8:30 AM – 3:45 PM (registration begins at 8:00 AM) 

Location (for all sessions): Pennsylvania American Water Company, NE Division Operations Center  2699 Stafford Avenue, Scranton PA 18505 

This training is being organized by RCAP Solutions, the PA Department of Environmental Protection, the Pennsylvania Section  of the American Water Works Association, and the United States Environmental Protection Agency. 

Course Description:  

Nationwide, an estimated six billion gallons per day of water is taken from water resources and never reaches the  customer; this is enough water to supply the drinking water needs of the ten largest US cities. Many communities  drinking water systems in PA deliver water to customers through aging distribution systems; withdrawing, treating,  and supplying water for which they may not be fully receiving revenue. To help PA water utilities address this  growing issue, the organizers are presenting a three-part instructional training series on water loss management for water operators, water managers, water authority personnel, engineers, and water system board members.