US EPA: Cybersecurity Assessment by EPA- still room to requests support

Cybersecurity Assessment by EPA- still room to requests support

EPA continues to offer Cybersecurity assessments by our contractors.  These are occurring virtually.

See below for the aspects of these assessments and a link to register:

With the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Horsley Witten Group (HWG) is offering free, confidential, cybersecurity assessments and technical assistance to interested water and wastewater utilities. The assessment consists of a questionnaire completed with HWG staff, and the technical assistance consists of developing a cyber action plan based on the results of your utility’s assessment focused on best practices to prepare for, respond to, and recover from a cyber incident.

All individual utility information gathered during the assessment will be protected and remain confidential. Trends in the anonymized, aggregated data will be shared with other utilities and agencies so that lessons learned from the assessments may benefit all. Participating utilities can expect to receive a straightforward overview of their vulnerabilities and suggested best practices to reduce risks to business enterprise, SCADA, and communications systems. Additionally, the utility will develop a cyber action plan with HWG and work to implement any recommended best practices at its own pace.


EPA does not receive specific water utility data, but only aggregate data to have a sense of cybersecurity across the water sector.


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