SRBC Adopts General Permit GP-01 – Groundwater Remediation Projects

SRBC Adopts General Permit GP-01 – Groundwater Remediation Projects

At its December 11th Commission Meeting, the Susquehanna River Basin Commission adopted its first General Permit that would approve the withdrawal of groundwater for groundwater remediation projects and the consumptive use of that same water. A General Permit is a permit issued by the Commission in lieu of an individual approval for a specific category of projects that the Commission regulates. A General Permit covers a type of activity that can operate under the same conditions and will result in minimal adverse impacts to the water resources of the Basin. The General Permit became effective on January 1, 2021.

The General Permit process has several benefits for the regulated community:

  • Established criteria for qualification to operate under the General Permit.
  • Established conditions of operation under the General Permit.
  • Streamlined application and review process, resulting in quicker permit decisions.
  • Lower application fees.

Groundwater remediation projects are overseen by federal and state agencies, and follow federal and state regulations for cleanup standards.  Currently, these projects go through the full review process and received dockets.  GP-01 is designed to streamline the Commission’s approval process, avoid duplication of those authorities and standards, and covers the more limited role that Commission regulations require for the use of water for groundwater remediation.

The general permit covers withdrawals and consumptive uses of water for groundwater remediation projects that meet the jurisdictional limits of 18 CFR § 806.4(a). These are:

  • Groundwater withdrawals of ≥ 100,000 gallons per day (gpd) (consecutive 30-day average) for a groundwater remediation project;
  • Consumptive use of water, of an average of 20,000 gpd or more in any consecutive 30-day period, from any groundwater remediation project.
  • Any groundwater withdrawal under 100,000 gpd that has a regulated consumptive use of the water withdrawn (consumptive use of 20,000 gpd or more).

General Permit Package:


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