Important information for PA Water Utilities: “Thank Everyday Water Heroes”

EPA is aware of the many challenges and sacrifices that the water workforce is undergoing and would like to “Thank Everyday Water Heroes” across our nation. As soon as this week, EPA will issue a press release that highlights the drinking water and wastewater workforce and their vital contribution to keeping our country safe and healthy.  In addition, EPA also plans to regularly post stories on our website ( and social media.

To support this effort, we are asking the water sector to submit stories that demonstrate the dedication and resilience of the water workforce. For example, stories could include how one utility helped out another with staffing or how staff are sheltering-in-place at the plant for weeks at a time.  If your organization has any stories that you would like to submit for this effort please provide:

And send to Christina Wadlington (contact info below).

Please feel free to share this request with others and send any entries as soon as and as often as possible.

EPA’s Office of Water is engaged in a significant number of activities and information requests to support the water sector during the COVID-19 pandemic. The agency is focused on educating the public and supporting water system resiliency planning and implementation related to the potential impacts of COVID 19. For example, EPA provided information on drinking water and wastewater as they relate to COVID-19 that provides clarity to the public. The agency also sent a letter to Governors in all 50 states, territories, and Washington, DC, requesting that water and wastewater workers, as well as the manufacturers and suppliers who provide vital services and materials to the water sector, are considered essential workers and businesses by state authorities when enacting restrictions to curb the spread of COVID-19. Additionally, EPA provided additional web resources that drinking water and wastewater utilities can use to help ensure continued operations during the pandemic, including addressing potential staff shortages and supply chain disruptions.  These materials are available at, with specific water related materials at

Questions should be directed to Christina Wadlington.

Thank you.

Christina Wadlington

Communications Director

Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Tel: 202.566.1859

Email: [email protected]