University of Pennsylvania’s Student Chapter meets Community Engineering Corps Project Engineer, Stephen Barr in Philadelphia



The PA-American Water Works Association’s (PA-AWWA) Student Chapter from the University at Pennsylvania met with AWWA’s Community Engineering Corps Project Engineer, Stephen Barr, earlier this month to discuss how the student chapter might engage in and help under served communities through the CECorps Program.

The CECorps brings together non-compliant communities and volunteer engineers to design solutions to identified engineering problems.  The program allows volunteers to work closely with a project engineer to develop a project design, and provides an accessible engineering service to communities that may not be set up to comply with regulators, or lack the finances and time to do so.

The next steps for the University of Pennsylvania’s student chapter involves utilizing the assistance of the Water Center at Penn, CECorp, AWWA, and others to identify local communities in need of engineering and/or technical design services.

Special thanks to: Hannah New, University of Pennsylvania