EPA releases chlorine calibration video

EPA releases chlorine calibration video

I am sharing this announcement with the state primacy agencies, industry groups and water utilities I can reach via email.  You can share further with others who may have an interest.

EPA Region 3 recently completed a 25 minute training video that demonstrates the calibration verification procedures for measuring chlorine residual in the field.  This video will help address frequent questions about proper calibration procedures. The video covers both the more common calibration check using secondary standards as well as calibration verification using primary standards as suggested in EPA Method 334.0.  The video shows the equipment and supplies needed, how to prepare standard chlorine solutions and calculate dilutions, and how to perform the calibration verification.

The video is currently posted on EPA’s YouTube site at

This is the current link to the video:



In addition to EPA’s video, PADEP created a series of tutorial videos to guide public water systems through the various requirements of Method 334.0.  These videos can be found at https://www.dep.pa.gov/Business/Water/BureauSafeDrinkingWater/DrinkingWaterMgmt/Pages/Method-334.0.aspx

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