Interest in Flood Resilience Guide Training? Please let us know.

EPA HQ has offered to conduct a one-day training on our Flood Resiliency Guide.  This is a FREE course.


The training involves a combination of short lectures on each step of the 4-step assessment process found in the Flood Guide along with activities that attendees complete on their own or in small groups.  The activities are designed to be interactive and more importantly to give attendees the opportunity to practice using the assessment process so that they are capable of completing it at their utility.

I am trying to determine if there is interest in this in order to find a central location within the Region to hold a class.

Please let me know of our interest.  I realize availability will depend on a final date, which will most likely be before July 31, 2019.

thank you


Patti Kay Wisniewski

Drinking Water Security Coordinator

Drinking Water Branch (3WP21)

US EPA Region 3

1650 Arch Street

Phila, PA 19103



[email protected]
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