Workshop Resources

Experts Workshop on the Science of Disinfectant Residual…Sponsored by Philadelphia Water and PA-AWWA – November 24, 2015

Presentation 1 – The National Discussion about Disinfectant Residual in Distribution Systems, by Colleen Arnold

Presentation 2 – Measurement of Chlorine Disinfection, by Cary Jackson

Presentation 3 – Statistical Limitations of Disinfectant Residual Measurements, by Jeffrey Rosen

Presentation 4 – Assessing Distribution System Integrity: The Case for Maintaining a Disinfectant Residual, by Mark LeChevallier

Presentation 5 – Why HPC is in the Current SWTR?, by Tim Bartrand

Presentation 6 – Can Disinfectant Residual within the Distribution System Control Building Plumbing Water Quality?, by Jennifer Clancy

Presentation 7 – Taking the Mystery out of Chlorine Residual Sampling Locations, by Chris Peluso

Presentation 8 – Critical Control Points for Monitoring Chlorine Residual, by Barbara Martin

Presentation 9 – Operational Goals and Putting Them Into Practice: How Philadelphia Water is Making Use of Available Tools, by Dennis O’Connor