2018 PA AWWA Conference Presentations

Speaker Biographies


Lead Communications, Preparing for Future Regulations – Matthew Junker

Delaware River Basin Commission-Managing Shared Water Resources for Over 50 Years – Steven J. Tambini

Chlorine Dioxide Feed System for Pre-Oxidation: Results from Full Scale Demonstration Testing – Kyle McCullough, David Rustay & Maria Tortorelli

Comparing EPA SWTR Baffling Factors to Full Scale Tracer Study Empirical Data – Rachel Smith

What’s Your Water System Worth? – John Marciszewski & Anthony Festa

A How-to on Social Media – Mandy Arnold & Will Pickering

Effective Strategies to Enhance Delinquent Collections – Kevin H. Buraks

Mining Your Water Quality Can Be Golden – John Civardi & Matt Miller

Baxter IMS Filter Study-Analysis of Filter Performance – Sean McKelvey

Legionella Water Safety Plans-What Engineers and Suppliers Need to Know- Frank P. Sidari III

Bring Your Own Device; RF Gets Less Expensive While Technology Prevails – Sharon DelSignore

Philadelphia Water Department East Park Reservoir-96 MG of Covered Water Storage – Ross Robertson, Brian Lee & Frank Houston

Engineering and Construction Strategies for Successful Water Distribution Replacement – Jonathan W. Morris & Joshua P. Shoff

Reduce the Consequence of Failure by Assessing and Rehabilitating Critical Valves – Dave Lewis

Ceramic Epoxy Tank Coatings – Tex Enoch

ATP Monitoring in Drinking Water Distribution Systems – Christian Torres

Utilization of Mixed Oxidants to Improve Residual & Overall Water Quality in Distribution Systems – Robert F. Newton

Contributions of Bromide from Coal-Fired Power Plants at Pennsylvania Drinking Water Intakes – Kelly D. Good

Drought Contingency Planning-Groundwater Sources – Lori Burkert

Groundwater Resource Exploration for Municipal Water Supplies in Pennsylvania – William Seaton

Hydraulic Model Assisting in Water Quality Compliance – Jinghua Xiao

Steelton Borough Authority’s Systematic Approach to DBP Removal – Edward Ellinger & Edward Spayd

Fullerton Reservoirs-63 MG of New Finished Water Storage for the Baltimore Distribution System – Nicholas Lewis

Water Tank-Combination Safety/Antenna Corrals – John Stoltzfus

Manganese Removal in the Poconos-A Success Story – Doug Berg

Removal of Long- & Short-Chain Perfluoroalkyl Substances via Granular Activated Carbon Adsorption – Eric Forrester

Practical Implementation of an Asset Management Process for SCMA – Michael Brown & Pat Caulfield

Locating the Lead in Pittsburgh: PWSA’s Strategy to Find and Replace Lead Service Lines – Sarah Bolenbaugh

Using a Hydraulic Model for Operational Support – Andrew Kreider

Developing a Meaningful Drought Contingency Plan – Virginia Thornton

Asheville, N.C.-10 Years of Water Loss Control…and Counting – Steve Cavanaugh, Jr.

Ready, AIMS, Fire: Treatment Solutions for Arsenic, Iron, Manganese & Sulfide – Brit Merola

All Mixed Up?-Picking and Choosing Your Tank Mixing System – Christine Gunsaullus

Peracetic Acid as a Pre-oxidant for DBP Reduction – Aron Griffin, Sarah Kocak & Mark Stoner

No-Break Fiber Solves Membrane Integrity Problems at Four Water Treatment Plants – David Holland

Impact of Upgraded Polymer Activation on Sludge Treatment at Water Treatment Plants – Yong Kim