TAPWater Educational Program

TAPWater Educational ProgramWelcome to TAPWater, a comprehensive educational program for grades 2-7 in which we Talk About Pennsylvania Water. This challenging but fun program features a comprehensive curriculum supplement manual designed to teach our youth about the importance of protecting and preserving our precious drinking water supply.

This program can also be used as a tool for educators to satisfy a portion of Pennsylvania’s State Academic Standards for Environment and Ecology and Science and Technology. While the curriculum supplement is not meant to satisfy all of the standards set forth under the Environment and Ecology and Science and Technology sections, it is intended to satisfy all those which are water-related.

Included within the curriculum supplement manual are informative text, hands-on activities and experiments, problem-solving dilemmas, thought-provoking water mysteries, and lots of fun stuff such as “Who Wants To Be A Water-Heir,” trivia games, word searches, mazes and more.

It’s all geared toward making students think about water as a life-sustaining resource instead of “just taking it for granted.”

TAPWater Educational ProgramThe activities and experiments in this curriculum supplement are meant to stand alone or can be used to complement other text that schools may currently be using. Grade levels are recommended for each activity but many can be modified for other grades all designed to help you present this information in a fun and interesting way.

Accompanying this curriculum supplement is a kit box of educational videos, CD ROMs, a water testing kit, posters, activity books and more,

By helping our students become better water stewards, we are literally investing in our future. Our well-being is dependent upon a clean, abundant water supply. Your water utility personnel are working hard to meet the growing demand for clean water. But they need help…everyone’s help!

Our youth need to learn more about water, including how it is collected, purified and distributed.

They must come to realize that this valuable resource has to be protected and conserved, now more than ever.

TAPWater Educational ProgramAnd they must be encouraged to become involved as responsible citizens so that their children can enjoy the same quality and quantity of water as we do today.

And that’s what TAPWater is all about!

For more information about TAPWater, contact your local water utility. If there is not a participating water utility in your area, contact PA-AWWA,  (717) 774-8870.

Get a TAPWater Kit

The TAPWater curriculum supplement and educational kit box, will be available to schools on a “loan-out” basis from their water utility companies. Those school districts which are not serviced by a participating water utility company can get TAPWater kits by contacting:

The Pennsylvania Section of the American Water Works Association at (717) 774-8870.

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