My name is Craig Palmer, and I am the PA-AWWA Membership Committee Chair. I am contacting you today to about your soon to be expired 90-day trial membership to the American Water Works Association (AWWA). I truly hope you are enjoying the benefits of membership and are ready to join!  If you haven’t already, you can take that next step by clicking here

PA-AWWA Valued Member Resource Guide and Fact Sheet

In case you are still seeking information on how membership will benefit you, I have attached our Valued Member Resource Guide & Fact Sheet. This helps explain some of the many benefits AWWA and PA-AWWA has to offer you. I’m happy to talk on the phone in further detail about the value of membership. Sometimes, it’s difficult to know in such a short time period all of the ways membership can help us in our daily lives. I joined the water industry in 1998, but I didn’t join AWWA until 2004. I can honestly say that my membership has helped me increase my knowledge of the water industry, opened my eyes to solutions I hadn’t considered, and provided access to the industries best technical information. All of that has helped me further my career and provide additional value to my employer. The network of peers I have been able to create by participating in District meetings, PA-AWWA and AWWA conferences, and other events has been priceless.

I remember distinctly when one of my mentors suggested I join AWWA. I was reluctant at first but have never looked back. I love it. And we want you to love it too! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Many of our members’ dues are supported by their employers so they can benefit from the continuing education and industry access that is vital to their organization. Be sure to check with your employer and share the attached informational resource guide.

If you don’t know which District you are located in, please refer to the information below. You can contact the Trustee for your district if you are interested in District meetings and other opportunities.


NW District – William Young, [email protected]

SW District – Paul Handke, [email protected]

NC District – Ben Reichley, [email protected]

SC District – Sarah Folk (Ehrman), [email protected]

NE District – Matt Seeker, [email protected]

SE District – Christine Gunsaullus, [email protected]

On behalf of our entire membership, we look forward to getting to know you in the near future.

Yours in water,


Craig H. Palmer, P.E.

Senior Manager, Engineering Services


Erie Water Works

“World-Class Water, First-Class Service”

240 West 12th Street, Erie, PA 16501

Ph. 814-870-8038, Fax 814-870-8011