PA-AWWA is accepting applications for an Administrative Assistant/Event Planner (Part-Time position)

PA-AWWA is accepting applications for an Administrative Assistant/Event Planner
(Part-Time position)


  1. Participate in conference committee meetings and join in subcommittees. Prepare To Do Lists, 

Event Timelines for each Conference. 

  1. Create Registration Forms for Exhibitors and Registrants, Early Bird forms, prepare Vendor Packets, Sponsorship Forms, Evaluation Forms, Golf Forms, Agendas for Opening Sessions and Business Lunch and other forms as needed. 
  1. Plan events for each Conference such as lunches, dinners, meet and greets, meals, raffle drawings, games, etc.  
  1. Register each attendee and vendor on IMIS. Review each application for AWWA memberships and/or non-memberships.   Send confirmations to attendees via email. Provide Nancy with a copy of the registration form so she can record payments and return to you for sending receipts to attendees.  
  1. Make spreadsheet for all registered vendors tracking payment as well as for sponsors. 
  1. Be available to attend all Conference Committee Meetings – sending all conference committee members notification of meeting dates and times with updated To Do Lists and Event Timelines. 
  1. Work with conference Venue to go over all details of conference duties such as booth locations, food locations, tech session and operator session locations and event locations.  
  1. Work with conference Venue on room rates and room availability.  
  1. Create Conference Program and send information to printer in time for final printing. 
  1. Create badges and folders for each conference attendee to hand out at conference. 
  1. Create lists such as Vendors, Sponsors, and other information that would go to signage people. 
  1. Be available to attend 3-day conferences to be present at registration desk and solve any and all problems that arise such as no electric at booths or moving vendor from one location to another, etc. make badges at conference for walk-ins, etc. 
  1. Prepare constant contact email blast announcing conference and all other events and/or trainings that PA AWWA is planning.  At least 8 or 9 a year go out on different events or trainings that we provide. 
  1.  There are at least 2 conferences a year and a Clay Shoot where this same type of activity is required.  You do not have to be present at the Clay Shoot just the Annual Conference and the Fall Specialty Conference. 


  1. Send out meeting notices for the year to the Board of Directors and Conference Committee Members. 
  1. Gather Board Reports for each meeting and send Agenda and Reports to the Board of Directors and District Trustees before each meeting.  
  1. Be available to take minutes at each Board Meeting and Conference Committee Meeting. 


  1. This is done every two years.  Update all PA AWWA information in the PA AWWA Member Directory.  Have Don review and then send to printer for Draft.   
  1. 2024 will be the next time this is due.  



  1. This is done each year.  Revise all updates to the Directory by contacting each District for new elected members to their Boards and updating any new regulations per the Board or AWWA. 
  1. Also, update names of new Board members and their titles for the year. 


  1. Send Thank you letters to all people who help with the Conferences, Clay shoots, or other events that are held. 
  1. Send Welcome letters to all New Members of AWWA. 
  1. Prepare any letters for Don or the Board when necessary. 
  1. Help Nancy with any of her training events when necessary. 
  1. Order supplies for the Office when needed.  

Please send resumes’ to [email protected]