Capital Region Water is accepting applications for the position of Laboratory Technician


Position Title: Laboratory Technician I Department: Wastewater
Effective Date: 2017-9-29
Supervisor’s Title: Pre-Treatment Coordinator
FLSA Status: Non-Exempt (Hourly)

Status: Full Time

BU Job
Grade: 8

This position is responsible for routine chemical, bacteriological, and physical analyses in accordance with 25 Pa Code, Chapter 252 – Laboratory of raw, partially treated and treated wastewaters, process by-products and special samples to monitor plant processes and ensure that the facility effluent meets the conditions of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems permit and all local, state, and federal guidelines. Work is
performed under the general supervision of the Laboratory Supervisor, Superintendent or other AWTF management personnel.

 Work is performed in the laboratory at the Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility, involving the use of instrumentation such as: pH meters, dissolved oxygen meters, analytical balances, microscopes, autoclaves, centrifuges, vacuum filtration apparatus, composite samplers, computers, and glassware such as pipets, graduated cylinders, distillation columns, separatory funnels, and volumetric flasks.
 Work also involves the use of advanced instrumentation such as spectrophotometers and distillation and extraction apparatus.
 Duties also include outdoor and industrial sampling involving the use of safety equipment such as gas detectors, breathing apparatus, harnesses, and tripods.
 Employees must accept varied working conditions including indoors, performing repetitive duties subjected to fumes, odors, noise, vibration, laboratory chemicals including potentially hazardous materials; out of doors, subjected to inclement weather and industrial sampling conditions.
 Duties are typically performed weekdays, 7:00 A.M. – 3:30 P.M. May be required to work weekends and holidays as required.

Work involves, but is not limited to the following: collects samples such as influents, effluents, process wastes, and industrial discharges. Lifts and carries samples and heavy equipment (up to 50 lbs.) such as: sample carriers, and sampling devices. Performs analyses such as biochemical oxygen demands, suspended solids, coliform testing, titration, ammonia, and phosphorus. Performs specialized projects and analyses in addition to routine assignments such as toxicity testing, industrial sampling and advanced analyses such as cyanide, and phenol analyses. Maintains laboratory instrumentation, facilities, and safe working environment for themselves and co-workers. Prepares all media, solutions, reagents and standard solutions. Records data, completes bench reports, and performs all required calculations. Assists in preparation of protocols and
analysis reports. Responsible for maintenance of ongoing quality assurance program. Performs general custodial duties such as cleaning instrumentation, counter tops, cabinets, incubators, and refrigerators within assigned work area. Assists in special assignments involving industrial, in-plant, or field sampling as well as maintenance of in-house programs involving waste haulers. Maintains regular, punctual and predictable
attendance. Reports to work and remains at work in a productive condition which includes not being under the influence or impaired by the use of alcohol and/or drugs. Establishes and maintains an effective working relationship with supervisors, co-workers and the general public. Completes all job assignments in an efficient, consistent, and timely manner.

Removes manhole covers (weighing up to 200 lbs.) with aid of a lifting device. Performs other reasonably related duties in equal or lower classifications as assigned by immediate supervisor or other supervisory personnel. Performs work as directed by supervisor in accordance with Article XXX, Job Classifications, Section 1 provision of the Basic Labor Agreement.

 Basic knowledge of the principles of analytical chemistry, wastewater systems, applied mathematics, quality control, and laboratory safety, and the theory and principles of wastewater treatment.
 Dexterity sufficient to operate sensitive instrumentation such as pipets, microscopes, and electronic equipment.
 Experience with routinely used analytical instrumentation including, but not limited to, pH meters, dissolved oxygen meters, analytical balances, and spectrophotometers.
 Ability to apply scientific principles to the collection and interpretation of laboratory data.
 Ability to perform general algebraic mathematics including calculations utilizing percentages, decimals and balancing equations.
 Ability to operate advanced instrumentation such as specific ion analysis and, extraction and distillation apparatus with training.
 Ability to interpret and follow instructions of a technical nature and communicate technical subjects effectively with supervisors and co-workers.
 Assists with troubleshooting advanced instrumentation and analyzes, diagnosing problems and recommending a course of action.
 Ability to adapt to changing conditions, work load, and analytical requirements.
 Ability to perform duties with minimal supervision.
 Ability to pass an initial demonstration of capability (IDOC) for all AWTF test parameters accredited by 25 Pa Code, Chapter 252 – Laboratory Accreditation within two months of employment.
 Ability to annually pass a continuing demonstration of capability (DOC) for all AWTF test parameters accredited by 25 Pa Code, Chapter 252 – Laboratory Accreditation.

 High school diploma or equivalent
 Advanced training or course work in Chemistry, Biology, Microbiology or waste treatment analysis and one-year experience in laboratory work of a similar nature, or Bachelor’s Degree in Science with training or coursework in Chemistry, Biology, Microbiology or waste treatment analysis or two years’ experience in laboratory work of a similar nature or any combination of experience and training which provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities.
 Valid Pennsylvania Driver’s License, Class C.

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