Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP)

Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP)

The Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP) begins on January 4, 2022.  Attached to this email is a cover letter, LIHWAP Vendor Agreement and a flyer with important information pertaining to LIHWAP that you may want to share w/customers and others.  To become a participating LIHWAP vendor, please complete, sign and return the last page of the agreement along with proof of EIN on IRS letterhead.  Your customers are not eligible to receive help from this program unless your company signs up as participating LIHWAP vendor.


Some additional details pertinent to vendors:

  • When the program opens, LIHWAP applications will be processed at local county assistance offices on a daily basis, however the payment file is sent to Treasury once/week for processing.
  • Treasury Pay Dates for LIHWAP will be on Thursdays.
  • The Treasury check will indicate LIHWAP water assistance program..
  • The first possible Treasury Pay Date for LIHWAP will be Thursday, January 20, 2022.
  • Vendors will receive a separate ‘voucher’, also called ‘Remittance Advice’ that lists the names and addresses of the customers represented on the Treasury check.  This list will be sent to the address you provide to us and you should receive it at approximately the same time you receive the Treasury check in the mail.
  • Vendor responsibilities must take place, if LIHWAP funds are excepted for a customer, as indicated in the vendor agreement:
  1. Provided funds can only be applied to currently owning charges (i.e. not written off arrears);
  2. Water service must be reinstated within 48 hours (24 or 72 in special circumstances) upon notification that owner was approved for LIHWAP assistance; and
  3. Maintain water service for no less than 90 days after the receipt of LIHWAP payment, regardless of any additional outstanding arrearages.


LIHWAP is explained on the DHS website: https://www.dhs.pa.gov/Services/Assistance/Pages/LIHWAP.aspx.   Questions can be directed to this email address or to the toll-free number below. 


PO BOX 2675
Harrisburg PA 17105-2675

Helpline: 1-877-537-9517   FAX: 717-231-5516