“Water Doc Lane” at Penn State Recognizes All Water Professionals…Congratulations Dr. Xie!


“Water Doc Lane” at Penn State Recognizes All Water Professionals

Penn State Physical Plant proposed an honorary road name “Xie Lane” as a recognition of Dr. Yuefeng Xie’s 20 plus years of contributions to water treatment and management. Deeply honored by this nomination, Dr. Xie proposed an alternative name “Water Doc Lane” to recognize contributions from all water professionals.

An International Water Association Fellow and a Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Xie served as a member of US EPA Science Advisory Board Drinking Water Committee, chair of the AWWA Organic Contaminant Control Committee, and keynote speaker of the 13th Canadian National Drinking Water Conference.  Dr. Xie chaired 10 plus Sunday workshops and symposia at AWWA WQTC and American Chemical Society conferences. His work has been recognized through the Professional Research Award from PA Water Environment Association, the Special Recognition Award and Appleyard Awards from the PAAWWA, and the Faculty Outreach Award from Penn State.

“Water Doc Lane” is in Penn State Spray Irrigation field and about 150 yards from American Ale House in State College. The rumor said that this location was selected so Dr. Xie could better develop his bar theories and complete his book “ Drinker’s Guide to Water Treatment”.  Dr. Xie encourages people to visit the Spray Irrigation field in State College, learn various water sustainability initiatives at Penn State, and recognize contributions from all water professionals.

Congratulations to Dr. Xie!