CAPITAL REGION WATER’S 2019 Lead and copper test results: Water Testing Finds Lead & Copper Levels Well Below Federal Limits

CAPITAL REGION WATER’S 2019 Lead and copper test results

Water Testing Finds Lead & Copper Levels Well Below Federal Limits


HARRISBURG, PA (Oct. 10, 2019) — Capital Region Water recently completed its required Lead and Copper Rule sampling plan by testing 33 high risk residential homes throughout its service area this year. State and federal regulations require the 90th percentile lead level to be less than 15 parts per billion, meaning the lead level must not exceed this level in at least 90 percent of the homes sampled. Capital Region Water’s result was 0 parts per billion. Similarly, the state and federal action limit for copper is 1.3 parts per million and Capital Region Water’s result for the 90th percentile was 0.076 parts per million.


Under strict state and federal regulations, Capital Region Water is required to test for lead and copper in its drinking water every three years. Samples for this testing are taken directly from customer faucets in areas with the oldest buildings which are more likely to contain lead in their indoor plumbing. Based on the size of Capital Region Water’s service area, at least 30 samples are collected for testing every three years.


Lead is not present in the water Capital Region Water sends into the distribution system. Lead can enter the water when there is corrosion of lead joints on water mains or plumbing systems containing lead. To prevent the corrosion of pipes, Capital Region Water adjusts the pH of the water and adds a corrosion inhibitor to prevent corrosion of water mains and indoor plumbing.


Lead can cause serious health problems if too much enters your body from drinking water or other sources, such as lead paint in older homes. It can cause damage to the brain, red blood cells, and kidneys, especially in young children and pregnant women. Overexposure to copper can cause stomach and intestinal distress, liver or kidney damage. Customers interested in having their water tested can contact a local environmental testing lab or purchase in-home test kits at a local hardware store. Capital Region Water does not recommend or endorse any specific laboratory or in-home test kit.


Capital Region Water wishes to thank its customers that participated in the 2019 lead and copper testing. Individual testing results will be sent to each resident. Customers with questions can contact Capital Region Water by phone at 888-510-0606 or by email at [email protected].





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